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Crew Management

The onboard crew is at the forefront of all activities and the key to a vessel’s safe and smooth day-to-day operation. At DSM we understand that crew management is one of the most important factors in running the vessels we manage and we are fully aware that safeguarding these vessels’ and their owners’ interests requires the highly efficient utilization of the crew. We maintain one of the world’s largest pools of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers who fulfill the demanding requirements of this rapidly expanding market.

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Ship Management


Our solid relationships with first-class suppliers, workshops and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at the lowest possible price.

Our highly qualified and capable teams closely monitor the commercial performance of managed vessels and manage the commercial risks faced by our Principals during the course of employment of their vessels lace wigs uk.


Our experienced team works to provide comprehensive commercial management services including strategy and employment management for vessels, negotiation and providing services in support of charter party contracts, full post-fixture support and account tracking.

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Port Agencies

Through our dedicated and professional staff at DSM, we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, our personnel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement control. While our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions, and strong relationships with all local and government and industry bodies ensures your best interests are maintained.

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Additional Services

New Building & Supervision

DSM has new building team which is extensive experience in supervision. We will provide a complete ship building team comprising of

  1. Site Manager
  2. Hull Surveyors
  3. Machinery Surveyors
  4. Paint Supervisor
  5. Office Administrative assistants

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