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DSM is registered as a SHIPPING AGENT (Registration No. D0268) in MUMBAI PORT TRUST.

Through our dedicated and professional staff at DSM, we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, our personnel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement control. While our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions, and strong relationships with all local and government and industry bodies ensures your best interests are maintained brazilian hair uk.

Our general port agency services include :

» Port entry formalities » Loading and discharging supervision
» Vessel and crew husbandry » Dry docking and repair supervisions
» Spare parts and stores supply    

DSM provides the full range of Port Agency Services. Our staffs work in dedicated teams to ensure all our principals' needs are met. Our Port Agency teams are on hand 24 hours a day every day to ensure quick, accurate and effective communication with our principals.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with port authorities and cargo interests to ensure the smooth and timely berthing and dispatch of principals' vessels. Our professional, experienced and qualified staffs are trained to have a proactive and forward thinking approach. This ensures that potential problems are anticipated and acted upon before they can escalate.

Through our solid and longstanding reputation, we are widely recognized as the leading provider of port agency services in the region.
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